February 20, 2012

REVIEW: Tokyo Wink Eyelashes

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Recently I came across the website, Tokyo Wink. I was really tempted to buy eyelashes because of the price and how the packaging reminded me of Diamond lashes in terms that they give you FIVE PAIRS OF LASHES!

I bought 4 different types: Pure, Adore, Preppy, and Gyaru

Gyaru, Top Lashes
Preppy, Top Lashes
Pure, Bottom Lashes
Adore, Bottom lashes

Packaging 1/5: I really dig the packaging! Super cute, when you first look at it. However when you actually touch the products and open it up, it feels kinda cheap. The worst is the inside where the eyelashes are attached to the plastic inside:
There is so much glue STUCK to the plastic, its quite difficult to remove and here is what happened after trying to remove it...
Boo :(
This happened so many times with the other eyelashes also.... I ruined three pairs and I was VERY gentle. 

Quality 2/5: I'm sorry Tokyo Wink, but I was not impressed with the quality at all. The bands were so thin they would be ruined just trying to take it off the plastic container plus the lashes seemed like they could barely last a day or they would be blown by the wind no matter how much eyelash glue I put on. Although the bands were thing they were very unflexible.

Design 5/5: Love the designs!!! Especially Preppy (top lash), Adore and Pure (bottom lashes). The length is also really nice!


Communication 0/5: If you do make an order with Tokyo Wink PLEASE REGISTER WITH THE WEBSITE FIRST. If you don't, please don't expect any responses from this company. I got really excited to finally be order eyelashes that I just checked out straight through paypal however because I didn't register I couldn't really track if my package was shipped or not. I tried to email the company multiple times just to make sure and I NEVER GOT A RESPONSE BACK. Even to this day. But I did receive my eyelashes :)

Overall 1/5: I honestly was super disappointed with these products and the company. I was really happy only because I was able to buy multiple gyaru style eyelashes with a cheaper price! Hoping it might be an alternative to Diamond lashes or "Decorative Lashes". However quality really lacked and no responses from the company about my order didn't really make shopping with Tokyo Wink any better. I would definitely spend the extra money to buy Diamond lashes because the quality from diamond lashes will last much longer than any of these Tokyo Wink lashes!

February 12, 2012

Back To Black

Like they say once you go black you never go back...
more like you can't really go back because your hair will die and fall apart.