March 28, 2010

Hair Extensions ♥

The other day jean gave me some of her brown hair extensions and OMG I LOVE IT!!!
It reminds me a lot of Kumikki's half tone hair. And because of Mei (a Mix-N-Match nagosa member) I am planning to buy wigs from Prisila.
At this rate I will never save money for travelling ;o;!

March 27, 2010

Make-Up Review, Wet-N-Wild Color Icon in Lust and Greed

For those who don't know, Wet-N-Wild is an affordable drugstore brand in the United States. It can range from $.99 to about $9.99. I have always been a big fan of this brand because they have always been a great quality and lasting dupe of the more expensive products. Also it is not animal tested YAY!!!

Recently, Wet-N-Wild went through a change in their products and packaging. They don't look so childish anymore and can appeal to younger to older teens and women in their early 20's (Honestly though if I was like 60 I'd still be buying Wet-N-Wild). They also added new products such as the Color Icon collection which consists of 4 products with each product containing 6 shadows. They are cynically named after the deadly sins including, Lust, Greed, Pride, and Vanity AND cost only $4.99.

Wet N Wild's packaging before and after. Much more stylish!

Color Icon Palette Collection: Greed, Vanity, Lust, and Pride

I purchased both Lust and Greed and I wish I purchased the rest. These colors are SO pigmented its crazy!!! I have about 6 MAC shadows (although none that are similar in color) and these are MUCH MUCH MUCH more pigmented.

Lust includes these beautiful purples, a light metallic charcoal, what seems to be a Beauty Marked dupe, and two neutral colors (one is pinker and the other more yellow). These colors blend SO well with each other. Its so beautiful!!! One of the best palettes I have ever had.

Ew gross skin... but pretty shadows :)

Wearing Lust shadows in the purple half!

I didn't try Greed yet but it has these matte neturals, a light shimmery purple, a black matte, dark shimmery charcoal, and a shimmery pink. While swatching though, the pink and purple shimmers were so light and nearly not pigmented, just shimmery. The charcoal shimmer is okay HIGHLY PIGMENTED. The matte shadows were EXTREMELY pigmented and I would buy it for the matte shadows alone! One of the neutral colors have this light orange shade to it which is not a bad thing, its a very beautiful color its just if you don't do your makeup right it can just look like your shadows have creased. Also since the dark shadows are pigmented it can sometimes look ghastly.
This is my horrible interpretation of this palette.

Looks ghastly right? I think I put too much of the purple shade because I felt like there wasn't enough LOL

Looks like a neutral gray-purple shade

I wasn't careful with my darks so it overwhelmed the other shadows and made it look ghastly.
So be careful!!

All in all, I love these shadows and can't wait to get the rest!!! I think Greed might not get as much use as Lust, but I will find some way to work it in. I need to spread the LOVE!

I am not affiliated with Wet-N-Wild just in love with their affordable products :)

March 26, 2010

MMM, Mix-N-Match Meet!!

Yesterday was my second meet with my nagosa, Mix-N-Match!!! I am so happy to be in my group, especially with girls who are just as interested in gal style as I am! I get so much inspiration from them in hair, beauty, and clothing! We all went to take purikura pics and then went to my house to practice our para para dance. Right now we are practicing, Me & My - Dub I Dub (Eurobeat Version). I pretty much have the idea of the moves, I just have to practice until I get it down!
I didn't do my make-up or hair that well that day *sigh*~
Practice, practice!!

I spelled Karou's name wrong.

I DID IT TWICE!!! ugh T_T sorry babe<3

lolz @ my face

Sme of the M&M Crew~

Jean with the HK/Chinese version of Popteen!!

Karou in my new lovely shoes<333

March 23, 2010

Broken Promise

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more clothing in America because its so much cheaper just to binge shop in Hong Kong or buy through wholesale sites.
But they had NOTHING I was looking for!
So I spent like $144 on the Victoria's Secret website.
Here is what I got:

This top in black

These black shorts yummmmmmm

This top in black and hot pink

This jean skirt

I've been looking for shirts like that FOREVER. I can never find them.
But now I have.
I feel one step closer to SATISFACTION.

March 18, 2010

One-Day Getaway

Randomly some of V's friends from other states visited him and decided to invite us for a day in Boston.
Mind you, V and I live in New York so its a 4 hour drive from NYC to Boston. AND I had work for 7 hours the next day.
And you know what?
We went!
It was a lot of fun, Boston is DEFINITELY an interesting place. The trains at the train station (which they call the "T" and NYC calls it the subway) and the random stores such as "Dollar-A-Pound" where you just go through a mountain of clothes on the floor and pay $1.50 a pound for it. I also love the names of the restaurants at Boston such as "The Other Side" and "Shaws". And the food is SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.
The lobster at the Legal Seafood there WAS AWESOME.
I hope to go back and explore more.
I also want to go to Maine.
For the seafooooood!

The people I went with and my Dollar-A-Pound bag of clothes!

Boston "T" Trains! Some of them have stairs!!!!

V and his giant meal.
And for those of you who do know V.
Yes his hair is short and blonde.
And gross.

My fish with veggies and rice pilaf nomnomnm.

Legal Seafood!!! Sooo goood.

March 6, 2010

On To The Next Obsession, SHOES.

I have been obsessed with bags for the LONGEST time.
However the obsession has stopped... not exactly stopped but it has subsided for now. There are still bags I want or crave but I don't need the NEED for them (not yet anyway).

Like an addiction, an obsession must be replaced and right now its shoes.
High heeled platforms, thigh high boots, platform sandals. No flats though.
Ugh I can't get 6" wedges out of my head and even higher heels.
Some shoes I am craving right now:

I just want them high and sexy.

March 5, 2010

Today's Outfit

Jacket, H&M, shorts, f21, belt, Roo Salon, Gloomy paw, Toy Cube, striped shirt, tights, grey socks, brown boots, all from Hong Kong.

No work today so I decided to put in some effort and dress cute. Luckily I was at my friends house who has a full-length mirror. I also wore a wine colored floppy hat but its not pictured =(

March 3, 2010

Teen Vogue March 2010, Toy Soldier

My favorite editorial at the moment. The styling is so impeccable. It's like elegance, fantasy, and adventure combined.