September 28, 2011

We are Tokyo Kawaiiiiii~

 If you've read Eden and Hachi's blogs, you know we've been featured on Tokyo Kawaii TV for an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also includes other gals and japanese styles around the world too!

They followed us around shopping, we went to purikura, and had some fun at Zebra Lounge!
I got myself an American flag bra! Super cute and sexy! Showing my American pride in a different light ;]
Also, here is what I wore, really simple!

You guys have all seen the pictures probably and let me bombard you with a couple more
a VIDEO!!!!!

All of us + Mr. Camera Man + Ms. Hiromi!
 EVERYONE looked amazing!!! We all worked hard to look extra good and it DEFINITELY payed off! We all looked different, yet hit the GAL style perfectly that day. I'm so happy!!! I never thought my friends and I would be doing this together and it really is amazing, especially to get as far as hitting Japanese television! I am so lucky to have them by my side <3.
I was ALSO able to meet NEW gals!!! Usagii and Mallory to be exact and they are BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, and the BIGGEST SWEETHEARTS<3.
Thank you so much to Tokyo Kawaii TV for bringing this day to us!

Here is the video to our Tokyo Kawaii Adventure :):

Ok you can click the link here: 

Thanks so much for reading!!!

September 23, 2011

Review: Vivian Lenses 3 tone Blue

So I decided to buy myself a pair of new lenses and chose the Vivian series because it looked really awesome on the model pictures:

Enlargement 10/10: Wow, these really enlarge! They are about a 17.2 I think and much bigger than any lenses I ever wore. I love how they don't make me look like some freaky alien and instead give me a really sexy big eye'd look.
Compared to my natural eye
Comfort 10/10: No complaints. Totally comfortable!

Color 8/10:  The color is blue. There is a halo. It really blends well, too well. I just wasn't looking for this type of naturalness, but I love this color and it shows up on dark eyes! It will blend very well for light eyes since its transparent!

Overall 8/10: They are comfortable, they enlarge! But the problem is they are TOO natural. I really like the over the top lenses with really funky designs so it was a little disappointing to me. They remind me of GEO nudies, just bigger. If you really like natural lenses, then choose these!

I bought these locally! I love my asian neighborhood 8D

September 12, 2011

~Gyu-kaku Date~

After Benihana closed down for renovation, I had to find a new job!
So I went straight to another Japanese restaurant and applied to be a server.
I got the job!!!! And the only problem is... I never ate here before LOL....
So I dragged V along so we can go eat yumyumyum.......~

In the subway~~~~~


At the end of a meal people can write a comment about Gyu-Kaku, so we decided to draw a picture hehehe :]

Good niiiiiiiight~

September 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Out NYC 2011

Hey everyone!
I just got back from NYC's Fashion Night Out with Hachi and Eden :]~
I just want to show my appreciation to my girlies because despite us not being able to hang out as often as we use to, we all definitely made the effort to come out and that is what good friends do! Make an effort and understand each other <3

Here is my FoD and OoD:
Face: Mineral Concealer, FaceIt Extreme Cell Recovery Eyeliner, Barbie Super Eye Phantom Lenses
Outfit: Hanes shirt, F21 Skirt, Knee high socks, brown boots

Yupp I did it, I CHANGED MY HAIR COLOR!!! I love it actually, I did it really terribly, but it's okay, it matches my messy personality. If you want to see a video:

I wasn't as fashionable as the other Manhattanites walking down SoHo. But it was really great to see so many people come out for an event. It makes you feel like you're somewhere special and everyone is pretty much moved by that. Or seeing Kim Kardashian's ass. Hachi and Eden look great as always!!!! Eden had perfect make-up as usual ;p and Hachi wore her AMAZING LITA'S <3!!!!! Totally getting a pair so we can all match >:]

Lots of stores were obviously doing their own thing. And I really love when they have stuff involving pictures! Sephora and Converse did a great job:
LOL... They cut up our bodies.
Glamour Gals <3

Since FNO is meant for shopping, of course I bought some stuff! I'm really selective when it comes to shopping so I was so happy to buy the HIGHLY coveted NAKED palette by Urban Decay !!!!!!
Plus this really cute American print baby converse keychain~
I'll never know how I got the Naked palette on the BUSIEST day for Sephora...

Peace out everyone!