September 28, 2010

~Vampire GAL~

I got my hands on the Venomous Villians collection by M.A.C.
Because luckily I live near a M.A.C. PRO store and the Pro stores get collections one week early. So I woke up early just to go there at 10am (when they open) to get it!
I only got Malificent stuff because the collection was way overhyped and some colors I couldn't pull off but I love Malificent's colors <3
Two eyeshadows, She Who Dares and My Dark Magic

Lipstick in Dark Deed

Lipgloss in Wrong Spell

Shadows: Worth it but you really do need a primer before using it!
Lipstick: If you are looking for blood red on your lips without actually having to suck the blood out of someone, this is it.
Lipglass: If you want add more to being the sexiest bitch on the planet, GET IT.
Vampy, yum <3

V also decided to do my hair!!


BACK OMG <3 <3 <3


I just had to show it off at a party!!!

Peace lovelies!!

September 15, 2010

MagaZINES! (Ageha Oct 2010 Spam)

Hey guys, I went to Kinokuniya today and got a couple of magazines, you can watch my video here:
Or if you're too lazy to view videos like I am sometimes, you can just read what I got!
One of them is SO-EN magazine
Oct 2010 Issue

Its a high fashion magazine but one of the reasons why I got is because....
YES I'M IN IT!!!!!
Only half of my face but I would like to thank Yoko Okuda and SO-EN for it!
YAY <3

So the next magazine I got is...
Of course, Ageha Oct 2010!

First: Coordinates

Love that no black was used <3

Love these pants... makes everything look stylish yet laid back <3

Love this and it has no black!! and I love black <3

Sakurina <3

This month's special is 360 view of the models makeup:

I don't remember her name and wasn't really a big fan of hers... but this make-up rocks <3

Twins make-up! It makes them look like anime characters

More coordiantes!!
So sexy and simple <3

Love the outfit on the left and its kind of neat to see lolita!

Let outfit, one of my favorite models <3

Twins barbarian hair rocks <3!!

Pretty much everything I loved from this magazine but I can't spoil everything for you! This is definitely an issue you want to have like physically because its such a great fall inspiration <3!

September 13, 2010

Fashion's Night Out!! Video Post :)~

Yeah!!! Let me know what you guys think!

September 3, 2010

July/August Purikura~

Monthly puri with Eden!!!!!!!!

Shopping these days have been so tough!
I'm so picky about everything I buy... BUT!!!!
I'm getting a video camera soon.
WHICH MEANS VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHICH ALSO MEANS you guys can finally see me move ;D
and hear my voice!
I'm excited :)