August 29, 2010

Big BOW!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates!
And eyelashes... One day I just suddenly hated all of the eyelashes I own and went on ebay and bought 8 sets of eyelashes so now I can never get bored!!!
I also bought Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 23 because after Eden did my makeup V complimented on how my skin looked good so I instantly bought it!!!
Thats about it...

August 10, 2010


Today was V's birthday and we decided to celebrate of course at 12:00am!!! We went to a local place in Flushing and just celebrated till the end of night!
So I decided to dress sexy and very D.I.A. (or what I tried to attempt haha) brand because I love the style of that brand: sexy and cool.
Top: Joyce Leslie (I think its one of my favorite places for cheap thrills!)
Shorts: Victoria's Secret
Belt: Joyce Leslie

only temporary though haha. I was inspired by the Chanel temporary tattoos so I decided to try one!!

Make-up... at first I had double lashes but I though the double lashes were too much so took off the bottom ones. Now I feel retarded because they look better on!!! 

V's party first started with a small concert with his band:

Then we had CAKE!!!!!!!!!
Do you like it? I designed it myself but it was courtesy of my previous job at Haagen Dazs who made it!

Then we messed up V's face:




August 8, 2010

Errands To Work Outfit

My boyfriend's birthday is on Tuesday and he is celebrating a HUGE party at a bar/karaoke place so I was set for time to get things done because work always takes up my entire weekend! So today I was dressed very basic and comfortable and I hate dressing up nice to work because my clothes ends up smelling like a grill ewww!
Hat: Volcom (it was a make it yourself after a $50 purchase!)
Tank: Boutique in Hong Kong
Pants: Zipia
Bag: LeSportsac
Flip Flops: Old Navy
And I've also been gaining unhealthy weight lately. Just eating lots of junk because its convenient!!! I can't wait to be able to start swimming again! (Hope after visiting my doctors on Wed and see if my nose is able to handle swimming!) I still have to focus on my diet and not going to Burger King because its right in front of me when I get out of the train station.

Make Up!!!


Face: Missha BB Boomer Primer, Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream, MakeUpForever Concealer, E.L.F. HD Powder, ELF Blush & Bronzer
Eyes: ELF Eyebrow kit, Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Palette in Mojave, M.A.C. Blacktrack Gel Liner, Decorative Eyelashes from Hana's giveaway!

I totally admit to not curling out my natural eyelashes and just sticking on fake ones because its a freaking hassle! My eyelashes are pin straight and I will not go through the trouble to make them nice for work because usually people don't notice hahaha
Although for V's party........................ :D

Yeah hat hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye Bye~

August 6, 2010

American Brands

In Japan brands are really important because it defines your style and status. Usually you won't buy something from a lolita brand to incorporate in your gal style (usually). While there are a lot of different gal brands, I was wondering what is your favorite American brand? (or brand that you can only get in your country)
I don't want to be able to include high end brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel. More so something you can get in America ONLY or something that is much more American.(or brand that you can only get in your country)

I have two favorites here in America, its Victoria's Secret PINK and Wildfox Couture brand.
I think their designs are fun, stylish, casual, and comfortable!

So whats your favorite American brand? (or brand that you can only get in your country)

August 5, 2010

Come and taste

the forbidden fruit.

Credits: Amille Christine Layugan

August 3, 2010


for the lack of updates. But... I was telling my friend that I had a tongue ring and pink hair and I realized I had a dream I was this girl.

She kinda reminds me of the female version of V...
more outfit posts/photoshoots/purikura posts soon!