November 26, 2011


Oh gosh I almost forgot I owned a formspring account and had a question recently:

I really like the eyeshadow that you were using in the "DUP eyelash" post. Would you mind telling me which brand and colour was that? Thank you! Maybe you can try out Melliesh eyelashes too! They look great on me^^

Hey!!! I am pretty sure I used the naked palette! It was a blend of different shadows that I can't remember... but its a great palette to own!!!
I definitely will!!! I want to try out all the eyelashes but its so hard to get away from diamond, the length draws them to me!!

If you have any questions you can just ask on the right hand side. Or click HERE

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!
And I will end this with a photo of one of my drunkard days!!!!!!!!! Being 21 rocks :]

November 18, 2011

REVIEW: D.U.P. Model Selection Eyelashes 907

I've seen D.U.P. before and I was really interested in them, but never got them! One of my japanese friends really like these, so it convinced me to buy it!
I like these lashes BUT, they are too natural (or maybe I put too much eyeliner). I really like how much longer Jewelrich and Diamond lash are. D.U.P. 907 are REALLY pretty but lack the length that give us gyaru gals an interesting edge!

Quality 5/5: Great quality! Really beautiful, blends in on your eyes VERY well seeing as the band is very thin.
Packaging 5/5: Cute! Easy to open, comes with glue and instructions. I love that there is a model wearing them so you can see how it looks!
Length: 3/5: Too short for my personal taste, great for a natural look.
Price: 3/5: Two sets of lashes for $16, a bit expensive!

November 14, 2011



I'm 21!!!
I can finally drink legally in America!

Meow, NO 事業線 T_T
So I went out my girlies to a Lucky Chengs, a chinese restaurant whose main theme is transsexuals/drag queens! The waiters, bartenders are all transsexuals/drag queens! Along with the food they do a show that involves the audience and its so much fun!!!
For birthdays they also like to smash your face into their boobies and thrust themselves into you.

Thanks to Erin, Hachi, and Eden for giving me the most unique experience I will have for a long time: A Drag Queen Lap Dance
We also get to have DIRTY BALLOONS!!! Yes people, there is someone out there who MASTERED the art of balloon erotica.

PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!


October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
Unfortunately Halloween landed on a Monday so we had to have our fun a little earlier.
Mother nature being so nice, made it SNOW and COLD and RAINY that day.
What a perfect day for a ZOMBIE PARTY.


MeeeoOOOWWErrrr my lovely brains <3~

October 5, 2011

Trends for Fall: RED

As I was going through my daily dose of magazines, I realize a trend was coming: RED.
And its not just red red, but shades of red. From burnt orange red to burgundy red. A perfect addition to falls boring neutral colors of black and gray.
In addition to red, the nude trend is pumping up this fall and I'm already on hand with a nude wool coat I thrifted.

How should you wear red?
However you want. As a coat, shoes, sweater, bag, etc.
Just try and make it the point of the outfit rather than red everything out, get what I mean?
Use neutrals to make colors pop. I mean this should be a basic for most trends.
The thing I really like about this trend is that it isn't some gross print we are going to hate next season (africanprint*COUGH*). It's something wearable even after the trend has been over.

And the great thing is that there is numerous shades that you can choose from to go with your own style.
I love the burgundy red since it gives it such a preppy look!

October 1, 2011


AV Makeup...?

The last two days I had no school or work so I decided to stay home, eat fruit, and watch Game of Thrones. Once Game of Thrones was over (which is AWESOME by the way), I ran out of stuff to do, so I decided to put together a coordinate by looking through pictures but then came across THIS PICTURE:

Two hot AV chicks OMG<3
When I first started GAL, these were one of the pictures I absolutely LOVED (and still love till this day). I really loved both of their makeup, especially the one on the right.
So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

What do you think? I definitely need more eyeliner...
This is the perfect look for going out and looking sexy!
Yummm Bubble tea!
★ ☆ ✰~PEACE~

September 28, 2011

We are Tokyo Kawaiiiiii~

 If you've read Eden and Hachi's blogs, you know we've been featured on Tokyo Kawaii TV for an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also includes other gals and japanese styles around the world too!

They followed us around shopping, we went to purikura, and had some fun at Zebra Lounge!
I got myself an American flag bra! Super cute and sexy! Showing my American pride in a different light ;]
Also, here is what I wore, really simple!

You guys have all seen the pictures probably and let me bombard you with a couple more
a VIDEO!!!!!

All of us + Mr. Camera Man + Ms. Hiromi!
 EVERYONE looked amazing!!! We all worked hard to look extra good and it DEFINITELY payed off! We all looked different, yet hit the GAL style perfectly that day. I'm so happy!!! I never thought my friends and I would be doing this together and it really is amazing, especially to get as far as hitting Japanese television! I am so lucky to have them by my side <3.
I was ALSO able to meet NEW gals!!! Usagii and Mallory to be exact and they are BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, and the BIGGEST SWEETHEARTS<3.
Thank you so much to Tokyo Kawaii TV for bringing this day to us!

Here is the video to our Tokyo Kawaii Adventure :):

Ok you can click the link here: 

Thanks so much for reading!!!