November 18, 2011

REVIEW: D.U.P. Model Selection Eyelashes 907

I've seen D.U.P. before and I was really interested in them, but never got them! One of my japanese friends really like these, so it convinced me to buy it!
I like these lashes BUT, they are too natural (or maybe I put too much eyeliner). I really like how much longer Jewelrich and Diamond lash are. D.U.P. 907 are REALLY pretty but lack the length that give us gyaru gals an interesting edge!

Quality 5/5: Great quality! Really beautiful, blends in on your eyes VERY well seeing as the band is very thin.
Packaging 5/5: Cute! Easy to open, comes with glue and instructions. I love that there is a model wearing them so you can see how it looks!
Length: 3/5: Too short for my personal taste, great for a natural look.
Price: 3/5: Two sets of lashes for $16, a bit expensive!