April 29, 2010

TGI... W?

I really love my days off from work and school especially when it falls under the same free time with my friends!
And especially when stupid banks try to rip you off by not updating your system in time causing you too have THREE OVERDRAFT FEES.
Thank god friends are there to help<3
So I met up with Eden, Erin, and Carol!!!
I love them all and they make me so happy <3!
And I can't wait till Sunday because I'm going to be in a yukata doing a para para dance with my nagosa!

So today we had a purikura day!!!

^~ My favorite LOL!

And my outfit today:

Sneak peak of my yukata for Sunday:

I am so sad.
I am super broke T_T...
My banker today said I need to learn to budget myself for future purposes...
I agree.
It's so hard...
But I should work harder to get out and do things I really want like traveling and making things. I am so jealous of my friends because they are so creative and I feel like I am always doing the worst when it comes to art/crafts. So I need to work harder!

April 27, 2010



I think this is Yumachi? I'm not usually a fan of hers but she looks BANGIN HERE.

April 24, 2010

If this is...

If this look is considered Mori Gal...

Screw the sweet romantic "Mori Gal" style, its been done before like a million times.
This is like... hot forest chick thats going to tear you apart and use your skin as leather for her next shoes.
Love it.

April 20, 2010

My Name Is Prisila

I wore my Prisila hair piece to work today. I added a touch of giant bow headband to it. I got soooooo many compliments from everyone including my co-workers and customers. I love my hair piece so much! 

It was my first time wearing my hair piece.
And now....

April 19, 2010

I Want To Train A Dragon.

I really really really really really really want to train a dragon because the ones in the movie, "How To Train Your Dragon" is SO CUTE.
I love the movie and I can't wait to get it on DVD and I hope in my next life I am a mother effing dragon trainer!!!!!!
One of my best friends and I. Future dragon trainers in 3D glasses with the lenses popped out. Oh yeah.

I wore these SUPER cute tights today and I got A LOT of attention. Both wanted and unwanted. Someone even asked me where they were from! I mean I admit I looked kinda trashy today but I really wanted to wear them out :D

Lace up stockings in the front...

and cute bow ties on the back! (Totally not cute angle of my legs, but w/e)

I was really happy to go to my job today to see my co-workers! I missed them so much because I didn't work for like.. ever. I feel like my paychecks are dwindling... noooo...

Cam whore!!!

And my tights are from Hong Kong!

April 17, 2010

Formspring Answers

Holy crapzola. I totally forgot about this, so here are some answers to questions I received :)!

What is your favorite type of food?

I can't choose. I love all food (except meat because I don't eat meat)!!!!!! 

Do you have a favorite magazine you like to read/look at?

Ageha and Popteen. I just feel like they step out of the bounds more than the other magazines. Maybe too mnuch sometimes... (see Ageha's crazy hair page)

What is your favorite color? :)

This is probably the hardest question to answer because I LOVE ALL COLORS. But at the moment I am favoring yellow, woooooo!

where did you buy your Prisila hair piece? And does it sell there hair extensions too?

I got it off rakuten from the seller, Moery. I just searched "Priscilla". Yes they sell hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces like bangs and what not :D

high heels or flats? :) love your blog btw by ClaireyCandy

HIGH HEELS. I hate flats (unless its flat boots) because it makes legs look chunky. And thats so not appealing! The only problem is that high heels can be so impractical sometimes!! So I wear wedges :D

And thank you for the comment =)!!!!!!

What makes a Caroline so lovely :3 -Jes


If you have any questions for me just ask them on the right side bar!
Now look at this really pretty picture of Mori Maya <3


April 16, 2010

Trip to MoMA

Here was my outfit yesterday....
and today.
I slept over my friends house last night last minute so I had to wear the same clothes.
Yes, ew, I know! But I was too lazy to go home haha.

I love my Balenciaga inspired booties!!! I tried going out in them and walked half a block but I was walking like a turtle so I went home and changed for my brown combat boots. I love how the booties make my legs look so long and skinny!! I am so tall in those... it adds 5"in. to my 5'8" height. (<3  my mirror)

 Make-up! It got messed up because I failed putting on bottom lashes and the top lashes didn't go with this makeup. I like my hair though :)

I had to go to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) for school and they had so many interesting exhibitins including a performance art exhibit, an exhibit for Picasso's drawings, and another exhibition on another artist that I can't remember...

They had this cool truck!!!

And you can go inside!!!!!

Broken glass chandelier

Something lolz.

I also got a canvas to paint on.
So I'm going to go and paint!!!

April 7, 2010

Update - More Outfit Posts......... SOON!!!!!!!!

I am so HAPPY!
I will finally be purchasing my dream mirror. Okay not exactly my dream mirror which is the Mongstad mirror from Ikea, but its a LARGE AND IN CHARGE MIRROR. It means its BIG and TALL!
Super excited<3
So I can soon post outfits, which means I have to dress better (and smarter).

I also got a Prisila hair piece!
I will post pictures of me wearing it soon! Its soooooo cute! And thanks to Mei because she talked about Prisila and wigs and hair and wigs are the BEST THING EVER<3.
Prisila hair piece I got!!

I also bought the Red Cherry bottom lashes recently, I got two different kinds! I can't wait to experiment with them! After meeting up with my boyfriends best friend, Tokie, I found out about this AMAZING foundation from Sephora... I have to go find out what its called though. It makes your skin super soft<3... although its SO expensive at around $57.

And today I bleached my eyebrows... all by myself<3
I am really proud of myself because I'm learning to be independent and not have to rely on my boyfriend or my mom. My next step is to possibly to do my roots by myself... because even though my boyfriend is a hairstylist, he doesn't want to do my hair sometimes. How annoying is that? Even when I am willing to pay and tip him. I'm scared to mess up and then my hair might fall out in clumps, so I'm going to wait until it gets REALLY bad and then do it by myself.
And I'm totally into the whole two tone/gradient hair trend!!!
I hope I get the guts to do it myself!

Two tone hair on the left<3

I love how this model pulls off two-tone hair<3

I want to find a white human hair wig and dye it like this :]

I can't wait for my mirror<3

April 3, 2010

Inspired Make-Up: Chanel Spring 2006

When I woke up I was like I WANT WHITE AROUND MY EYES and since Spring is coming to New York so I decided to do make-up a lot like the Chanel fashion show from Spring 2006.
So here was my interpretation:

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty foundation in Ercu Beige, E.L.F. eyebrow lifter and filler in light, NYX eye pencil in milk, Wet-N-Wild Pride pallette (the white shadow on the top left corner), E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Spotlight, E.L.F. contour blush and bronzer, E.L.F. lipstick in Runway Pink, E.L.F. Angel lipgloss

I need to blend better.
But I loved the concept because from far away I look like an ALIEN.

April 1, 2010

Purikura ♥ March 2010

My bffl and I promised each other to take purikura once a month!!!
Luckily we did March on the last day!!! Our schedules conflict a lot unfortunately so its hard to see each other sometimes :(
But every time I see her she makes me so happy!!!