April 7, 2010

Update - More Outfit Posts......... SOON!!!!!!!!

I am so HAPPY!
I will finally be purchasing my dream mirror. Okay not exactly my dream mirror which is the Mongstad mirror from Ikea, but its a LARGE AND IN CHARGE MIRROR. It means its BIG and TALL!
Super excited<3
So I can soon post outfits, which means I have to dress better (and smarter).

I also got a Prisila hair piece!
I will post pictures of me wearing it soon! Its soooooo cute! And thanks to Mei because she talked about Prisila and wigs and hair and wigs are the BEST THING EVER<3.
Prisila hair piece I got!!

I also bought the Red Cherry bottom lashes recently, I got two different kinds! I can't wait to experiment with them! After meeting up with my boyfriends best friend, Tokie, I found out about this AMAZING foundation from Sephora... I have to go find out what its called though. It makes your skin super soft<3... although its SO expensive at around $57.

And today I bleached my eyebrows... all by myself<3
I am really proud of myself because I'm learning to be independent and not have to rely on my boyfriend or my mom. My next step is to possibly to do my roots by myself... because even though my boyfriend is a hairstylist, he doesn't want to do my hair sometimes. How annoying is that? Even when I am willing to pay and tip him. I'm scared to mess up and then my hair might fall out in clumps, so I'm going to wait until it gets REALLY bad and then do it by myself.
And I'm totally into the whole two tone/gradient hair trend!!!
I hope I get the guts to do it myself!

Two tone hair on the left<3

I love how this model pulls off two-tone hair<3

I want to find a white human hair wig and dye it like this :]

I can't wait for my mirror<3


  1. Niiiice~ I love big mirrors too! *w*
    I have one in my bedroom, thats floor2ceiling
    But like... my room is never clean, so I never take outfit pics there ahahaha =A=

    Loooove sephora foundation too~ ♥
    can't wait to see the prisila wig up close! *o*

  2. why can't you just let a different stylist at the salon dye your hair?

  3. because i don't trust any one else to do it and i'd rather fuck it up on my own than waste my money$$

  4. Mirrors are always nice!
    I need to color my hair too.... unfortunately I don't have a hair stylist BF so it's even more complicated for me... xD and because of job I don't even ahve time for an appointment, eugh!! xD just one big lol ;)

  5. Red Cherry lashes are great :) So much variety~

    Congratulations on bleaching your brows yourself!! It feels good doesn't it?

    The hair piece is also very cute btw, can't wait to see it irl ^^

  6. OMG THE HAIIRRR,dude how long did it take your's to ship?I'm still waiting on my hair :/

  7. Excited to see the hair piece on you!! Sucks your bf won't do you hair, jerk XP Good luck doing it!

  8. omg one time my cat broke my ONLY full length mirror...and it sucked getting dressed every morning >.>
    where did you buy the hair piece??
    oh & I have bleached my hair so many times on my own, im sure you'll be fine :P
    the only trick is getting that shade you already have o.O

  9. wow so pretty what a cool hair piece where/how did you buy it?

  10. I got my hair piece off rakuten :)