April 16, 2010

Trip to MoMA

Here was my outfit yesterday....
and today.
I slept over my friends house last night last minute so I had to wear the same clothes.
Yes, ew, I know! But I was too lazy to go home haha.

I love my Balenciaga inspired booties!!! I tried going out in them and walked half a block but I was walking like a turtle so I went home and changed for my brown combat boots. I love how the booties make my legs look so long and skinny!! I am so tall in those... it adds 5"in. to my 5'8" height. (<3  my mirror)

 Make-up! It got messed up because I failed putting on bottom lashes and the top lashes didn't go with this makeup. I like my hair though :)

I had to go to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) for school and they had so many interesting exhibitins including a performance art exhibit, an exhibit for Picasso's drawings, and another exhibition on another artist that I can't remember...

They had this cool truck!!!

And you can go inside!!!!!

Broken glass chandelier

Something lolz.

I also got a canvas to paint on.
So I'm going to go and paint!!!


  1. I looove those booties!! lol
    we should go out one day and just walk around, you in those and me in some heels. I need the practice- I walk like an injured snail in them -.-

  2. i like your outfit.
    them shoes look heavy.

  3. You're 5'8?!?! My god, I'm jealous!!

  4. Off the shoulder suits you so well :}

    That truck is really neat though!

  5. Omg Jean lets do it!!

    yeah I am 5'8, it sucks though I rather be cute compact -.-

    Thanks Erin and Eden<3
    Isn't it?! Its so cool :)

  6. You are a full eight inches taller than me even without those shoes, haha. But really, those shoes are amazing, and I LOVE the MoMA, almost as much as the MET. You're lucky to get to go their for school.

  7. I love the MET also!!! The MET has such an amazing collection but their modern stuff isn't so good, hence the MoMA :D!

  8. wow where did you get those booties?! i want one ~_~...