April 1, 2010

Purikura ♥ March 2010

My bffl and I promised each other to take purikura once a month!!!
Luckily we did March on the last day!!! Our schedules conflict a lot unfortunately so its hard to see each other sometimes :(
But every time I see her she makes me so happy!!!


  1. i love taking purikura!
    i used to take it every week when i lived in asia

  2. This entry warmed my heart :DD
    Thank you bby for being such a great friend ♥ ♥ I am so lucky >_<

    There's no one I'd rather celebrate monthlies with than you :>

  3. Why are you guys so beautiful~?! *A* <333
    Gah, can't get over it!

    At least once, in one of our bigger full-cir meet, you two have to do that creepy matchy-twin thing <3333 I'd love it so muccchhh