March 28, 2010

Hair Extensions ♥

The other day jean gave me some of her brown hair extensions and OMG I LOVE IT!!!
It reminds me a lot of Kumikki's half tone hair. And because of Mei (a Mix-N-Match nagosa member) I am planning to buy wigs from Prisila.
At this rate I will never save money for travelling ;o;!


  1. I know what you mean!! I've been wanting/tempted to buy a priscila wig! It seems everyone with one always has perfect hair! XD

  2. Omgoosh girl link me up with that~~~

  3. I want long hair too, it looks so cute. The solution for me is wigs, but i don't have the money yet ;__; i want a half wig with curls and hair accesories. You should take a look if you like extensions :P

  4. im following ur blog~!
    thanks for dropping by
    photos coming soon!

  5. wow they your hair looks awesome It inspires me But I have black hair I don't know what colour to use but thankyou for the inspiration