April 29, 2010

TGI... W?

I really love my days off from work and school especially when it falls under the same free time with my friends!
And especially when stupid banks try to rip you off by not updating your system in time causing you too have THREE OVERDRAFT FEES.
Thank god friends are there to help<3
So I met up with Eden, Erin, and Carol!!!
I love them all and they make me so happy <3!
And I can't wait till Sunday because I'm going to be in a yukata doing a para para dance with my nagosa!

So today we had a purikura day!!!

^~ My favorite LOL!

And my outfit today:

Sneak peak of my yukata for Sunday:

I am so sad.
I am super broke T_T...
My banker today said I need to learn to budget myself for future purposes...
I agree.
It's so hard...
But I should work harder to get out and do things I really want like traveling and making things. I am so jealous of my friends because they are so creative and I feel like I am always doing the worst when it comes to art/crafts. So I need to work harder!


  1. Cute puri :) aww have a look online for money saving tips?

  2. awww! Loveee the pics! <3
    I am sooooo broke too. I have been working so hard these past weeks and I feel like when it doesn't matter what I get paid- I already owe all that money -.-
    I love your yukata btw!
    p.s. who said you're not creative!? Your paintings say otherwise ;D

  3. Your yukata is so beautiful, how perfect it looks on you :}

    And Miss! You are creative! Let's do more crafts stuff together then ^^ It's cheaper alternative, and it's a lot of fun~

  4. Aww looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I can't wait to do purikura with everyone~

    Your yukata looks so pretty, I love that little star accessory! I'm so sad that I'm missing out on Sakura Matsuri, I hope you all have a great time & take lots of pictures ^^

  5. hi, you're so pretty!
    are you mixed??

  6. Your puri session looks like it was a lot of fun! I always get so carried away with it :P

    Ah, be careful with spending money you don't have, hun. Your banker is right to caution you, or else you'll gradually get into more and more trouble. I'm a penniless student who learnt to budget this year, so let me know if you ever need advice :)