October 5, 2011

Trends for Fall: RED

As I was going through my daily dose of magazines, I realize a trend was coming: RED.
And its not just red red, but shades of red. From burnt orange red to burgundy red. A perfect addition to falls boring neutral colors of black and gray.
In addition to red, the nude trend is pumping up this fall and I'm already on hand with a nude wool coat I thrifted.

How should you wear red?
However you want. As a coat, shoes, sweater, bag, etc.
Just try and make it the point of the outfit rather than red everything out, get what I mean?
Use neutrals to make colors pop. I mean this should be a basic for most trends.
The thing I really like about this trend is that it isn't some gross print we are going to hate next season (africanprint*COUGH*). It's something wearable even after the trend has been over.

And the great thing is that there is numerous shades that you can choose from to go with your own style.
I love the burgundy red since it gives it such a preppy look!