October 1, 2011

AV Makeup...?

The last two days I had no school or work so I decided to stay home, eat fruit, and watch Game of Thrones. Once Game of Thrones was over (which is AWESOME by the way), I ran out of stuff to do, so I decided to put together a coordinate by looking through pictures but then came across THIS PICTURE:

Two hot AV chicks OMG<3
When I first started GAL, these were one of the pictures I absolutely LOVED (and still love till this day). I really loved both of their makeup, especially the one on the right.
So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

What do you think? I definitely need more eyeliner...
This is the perfect look for going out and looking sexy!
Yummm Bubble tea!
★ ☆ ✰~PEACE~