September 28, 2011

We are Tokyo Kawaiiiiii~

 If you've read Eden and Hachi's blogs, you know we've been featured on Tokyo Kawaii TV for an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also includes other gals and japanese styles around the world too!

They followed us around shopping, we went to purikura, and had some fun at Zebra Lounge!
I got myself an American flag bra! Super cute and sexy! Showing my American pride in a different light ;]
Also, here is what I wore, really simple!

You guys have all seen the pictures probably and let me bombard you with a couple more
a VIDEO!!!!!

All of us + Mr. Camera Man + Ms. Hiromi!
 EVERYONE looked amazing!!! We all worked hard to look extra good and it DEFINITELY payed off! We all looked different, yet hit the GAL style perfectly that day. I'm so happy!!! I never thought my friends and I would be doing this together and it really is amazing, especially to get as far as hitting Japanese television! I am so lucky to have them by my side <3.
I was ALSO able to meet NEW gals!!! Usagii and Mallory to be exact and they are BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, and the BIGGEST SWEETHEARTS<3.
Thank you so much to Tokyo Kawaii TV for bringing this day to us!

Here is the video to our Tokyo Kawaii Adventure :):

Ok you can click the link here: 

Thanks so much for reading!!!