September 23, 2011

Review: Vivian Lenses 3 tone Blue

So I decided to buy myself a pair of new lenses and chose the Vivian series because it looked really awesome on the model pictures:

Enlargement 10/10: Wow, these really enlarge! They are about a 17.2 I think and much bigger than any lenses I ever wore. I love how they don't make me look like some freaky alien and instead give me a really sexy big eye'd look.
Compared to my natural eye
Comfort 10/10: No complaints. Totally comfortable!

Color 8/10:  The color is blue. There is a halo. It really blends well, too well. I just wasn't looking for this type of naturalness, but I love this color and it shows up on dark eyes! It will blend very well for light eyes since its transparent!

Overall 8/10: They are comfortable, they enlarge! But the problem is they are TOO natural. I really like the over the top lenses with really funky designs so it was a little disappointing to me. They remind me of GEO nudies, just bigger. If you really like natural lenses, then choose these!

I bought these locally! I love my asian neighborhood 8D