February 15, 2009

Controversy; Did The Internet Ruin Fashion?

During the summer in my fashion illustration class, I overheard a conversation about how fashion hasn't really evolved since the grunge movement in the early 90's. The internet was to blame because it gave an all access pass to fashion from almost any era in time. And nothing new could come out of it because everyone keeps being influenced from the past or trying to bring back whats already done.
Honestly, I couldn't help but agree. Although fashion does produce really beautiful articles of clothing, theres nothing so far that is moving it along. And you can see designers trying to juice out the past fashions.
The world wide web has brought a lot to fashion in terms of blogging and connecting with others, but has it killed creativity?

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  1. this is an interesting post...we are saturated with information/images. it's also difficult to be shocking or new or avant garde because consumers are so desensitised to the outlandish.