February 8, 2009

Creating a Lookbook

I have two folders in my computer. One named fashion, for anything I really like fashion-wise. Editorials, runways, pictures of outfits, etc. Kind of a bit messy, but it works for me. I also have a seperate folder named lookbook for inspiration on what I would wear or what would flatter me everyday.
The thing is there is a difference on what you like vs. what looks good on you and whats practical for you.
I love couture, I love sky high heels, I love editoral makeup, I love gowns, but this is just not practical for me. But the images are still beautiful and inspiring so I save them for what I see them as: inspiration. It can be in terms of colors, silhouettes, fabrics, draping, etc. But I know they could never be in my everyday life.

In my lookbook folder I save what I know I will wear. For me, its something simple, casual, yet edgy. Something that doesn't take much effort to think about. Sometimes its only one item I save or maybe the whole outfit. It's just something to fall back on when I am lost with my fashion sense, which I am a lot of the time. I realize that in my lookbook is what looks the best on me, what I feel the most confident in, and what I can see myself in. I save these images to apply to my style.

Thats what your lookbook should be. Something that you see you can see yourself in everyday life. Although that gorgeous Christian Lacriox dress is saved in your folder, can you really apply that to your practical everyday life?

Some of my favorite pieces from my lookbook:

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