February 11, 2009

To wear or not to wear; Black.

The color black and I have been on some rough patches. I remember during my junior high school years I loved black so much. I wore them with chains, studs, and long black hair. All my shirts were black, all my pants were black. Black accessories, black nails, black everything. I loved black.
Until my second year of high school, I met color. I saw how color can make you brighter, happier, stand out, and just have more fun. I also mixed with prints and even dyed my hair three colors: blonde, pink, and purple. I came out of the over rainbowed stage and stayed on the fine line between color and black. Neutrals.
And heres where I am now.
The other day I bought the American Apparel Double U dress in red. It was sexy, sultry, and damn, did it make me feel hot. When I got home, I went online and stared at the American Apparel Double U long sleeve dress in black. I kept think of the balance between sexy and chic it created. But another black? I didn't need another black. I started looking through my lookbook and realized, I didn't have enough blacks.
I don't know but my obsession with black is started to come back out and I want to embrace it full force.
Why not? Black is probably the most flattering color out there. It slims you down, its doesn't get dirty as easily, and damn, it goes with everything.

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