March 29, 2009

Paris Bombay

Excuse my lack of updates, school started so I've been focusing a lot on school. I'm glad for those who read my blog! Thank you so much!

The Paris Bombay is a bag by Herm├Ęs. Although not as popular as the signature Birkin and Kelly styles, it is as elegant as it can easily be casual. 
Personally, I am a bag girl, as much as I've tried being a shoe girl, bags just make my heart flutter. As does the Paris Bombay. Retails from $4000 and up depending on the size (the bigger the better! and the more expensive). However, these prices are from June 2008.

1 comment:

  1. i'm a bag girl too. i like these because they don't scream 'I AM CARRYING A HERMES EVERYBODY!' so much