July 31, 2009

The Rectangle Bookbag

I have been searching for this type of bookbag for a while. It's funny because I had a bookbag like this when I was younger but I completely hated it. These type of rectangular book bags use to be a real big trend in Asia. Now its so hard to find an alternative to this Chanel one. The other day I saw a photographer wear one... but I couldn't ask wear she got it because I was in a car...
My search continues...


  1. I like this look, well I like anything by Chanel. I can only imagine how hard it would be to actually track one of these rectangle bags down...that's including the 2nd hand vintage shops. I like your blog by the way. Do you want to swap links?

  2. When you'll find, tell me :)

  3. I think it looks cute. I on't know about finding a similar one but in school uniform outlet shops they might have rectangle bags/