January 26, 2010

Clean-Up, Clean-Up~

Today I cleaned up my house or at least most of it. I was all by myself so I had to move all the heavy furniture by myself!! I feel so tired, especially my arms! At least I got a workout out of it also.
I wanted to move more furniture but unfortunately the furniture is way to heavy for me to move or carry. So I have to wait until boys can come and help.
One thing is that I'm terrified is cleaning my closet.
1.) I have too many clothes
2.) I share it with my boyfriend
3.) My boyfriend has too many clothes.
And it equals ONE BIG MESS.

So I'm trying to figure out how to make the limited space I have useful:
Iris Underbed Boxes
Product Image Iris Underbed Boxes - Clear (58 qt.) (Set of 5)
Available at Target.com, a set of 5 costs only $79.99. My bed doesn't actually have an "under". There is already drawers built under my bed, so I would actually stack these boxes on my closest floor, filling one with shoes, another with formal clothes, and give the rest to my boyfriend to fill up! A friend of mine uses these and boy does it pack A LOT.

Screw-In Hook Racks
LEKSVIK Rack with 5 hooks
Okay, I get mine from the 99 cents stores so they don't look as nice as the one posted, but it works really well. I screw them in behind my door closet but I screw three of them in. One on top, to hang hats or scarves,  another in the middle (I didn't screw it in the middle exactly. Around 1ft. after screwing in the top one.) to hang jackets or jeans, and on the bottom I screw another one in to hang handbags. I only have the middle one screwed in and I bought some but I've been lazy about screwing them in! I have to get to it~

I'm still trying to figure out a way to set up my make-up and jewelry but I have to wait until I can move the furniture in my room.
Stuff I still need to buy anyway:
Ikea Mongstad Mirror
My dream mirror, big and I think the reflection for this mirror is pretty accurate. I hope I get it soon so I can finally post some outfit shots.

iPod Speakers

So much easier (and better sound) to just plug it and play!

Do you know any cool room or storage ideas?


  1. I hope some people respond to this post, because I am in need of storage ideas too! Yi and I have too many clothes together, for such a small closet :(
    Are the hook racks you posted from Target? I was looking around for a good set of these, and those look nice.
    (Love the Layout btw, very cute :>)

    I'll let you know if I find out any good storage tips ^^

  2. The ones I posted are from Ikea but theres a lot 99cent stores on Main St. that carry them for way cheaper :)

  3. i've got the same mirror!! ^_^