March 3, 2010

My Gal Budget

Although now that I have acquired a job, it now means I have to pay off my debt (which fortunately is toward my mother-in-law so no interest yay!). I can pay it off in 6 months which means limited shopping, I mean like extremely limited shopping. Lucky for me, my shopping addiction seems to have faded away... for now.
So I'm going take advantage of that and start saving up to pay off my debt, spring shopping, and traveling!

So I've developed what I should get (and not what I want) and how I should save:

By week,

Weekly earnings at minimum: $150 (after taxes)
HK Debt: -$113
Travel/Vacation money: -$24
Shopping, hanging out, etc.: -$13
Transportation Money: Okay hopefully my boyfriend can help 8D~

So that means I only have $13 to spend weekly (*CRIES*). I can do it! I mean it will only last for six months and hopefully I will get more hours at work which means more working, less play, and more saving money like eating at home and no fancy bubble tea drinks. I know it looks stupid to put so much money in vacation money but I really love going out of the country and I would much rather see the world in my lifetime than save up most of my life for a house. I mean.. thats what my spouse is for right? Hehehe.

Along with knowing how to budget my money for what I should spend it on, I should also sort out what type of clothes I need. Since Spring is approaching (although not very fast because New York takes a while till it gets warm ugh..............) I want to get my list of things I SHOULD buy and not things I want:

Spring/Summer Shopping 2010

Jean Shorts
3 Summer Blouses
2 Summer Dresses (one long, one short)

1 Romper
Summer Bag Got it! Though I splurged a little... :3
2 Flip-Flops (Old Navy, 2 for $5! Black and pink!)

1 High Heel
1 pair of light colored bootcut/flared jeans
1 belt (maybe a DIY project)

I think this is do-able and reasonable. I have more than enough shoes and hats... and bags.. but the bag has been bought hahaha!

I can't wait!

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