May 30, 2010

Mow ♥ Mow

I finally was able to use the CANMAKE blush from Hana's (aka Finding Tokyo) giveaway. I really really love this blush! Its this pigmented pink with silver shimmer inside and it really gives you that perfect Masuwaka Doll face:

You can barely see it on me in pictures, but it was REALLY pigmented on me, I put on way too much and if you wanted something like the look above in photos... you would need to apply just a bit more.

Wearing the bow also given to me by Hana 

 I am also wearing the Kiss Me Lip Concealer, another item in Hana's giveaway ♥ I really love this lip concealer!!! Its moisturizing and covers my lips! I pair it with Revlon's Mineral Lip Glaze in Timeless Nude. Pssst Revlon's Mineral Lip Glazes are AWESOME.



Model Kiss 

Trying to copy Tsubasa's Popsister cover above lmfao.

So if you're wondering why I named my entry Mow Mow, this is why:
After an extremely long wait I finally have a cat!!!!!!! I recently adopted him and he's 3 years old and such a handsome cat. He's really affectionate and sweet just... scared of everything lmao. I think it's because he is in a new environment.
I love him so much! I will spoil him to no end 
Oh and his name is "Mow Mow" which also means "cat cat" in chinese.

He's extremely LONG.

And my favorite part of his features is the striped tail. So tiger like, rawr ♥~


  1. What a handsome man cat!!! ♥

  2. i can't believe u are full cantonese!
    cute cat!

  3. Mow Mow is such a cutey!! Congratulations on the new cat! How exciting! I've had both of mine for 9, 11 years so I forget the new cat happiness, but enjoy all the fun things cats do.

    Hana's giveaway was packed with such amazing stuff. Looks like you're putting it to good use! ♥

  4. You look so pretty~ ♥

    Aww Mow Mow! He's so cute :3

  5. awwwwwww!!! I love the kitty!! sooo cute! <3 <3

  6. Omg lol at the photo of Mow mow standing up. That sure is one long cat!