May 5, 2010

My Ethnicity.

Okay recently I got a question on that I get asked all the time:

What is your ethnicity?

To who ever asked this question, I am not offended as I guess I look quite confusing.
Okay this is kind of complicated but I'll just simplify it. My mother is from Hong Kong and she is 100% chinese/hong kong-nese and EXTREMELY ASIAN LOOKING. You know she's chinese from the moment you look at her. But apparently we do look alike. My father... I actually DO NOT KNOW my biological father. I have never seen a picture of him or anything I know absolutely nothing about him but my mom says he is ALSO FROM HONG KONG AND 100% CHINESE LOOKING.
Why I look the way I am I have no idea. I mean my mom COULD be lying or maybe she like mixed up with the faces. I mean I'm not sure if my mom got around because when I was conceived she was a stewardess and flew internationally around the world. I mean she was kinda young and having fun and blahblahblah. But my opinion I think I'm half something... I'm not sure. I mean if I was really fully asian would I look like this? Probably not!
I always wanted to take one of those blood tests that shows where you are from...

So yeah... I hope that answers that :D


  1. Hello~ Thank you for answering :) I had thought you were maybe mixed at first. But either way, I think you have really pretty and unique features. I envy.

  2. You're gorgeous! I envy your looks! ;'D

  3. I love your mixed looks! You look so exotic ♥♥
    (pffft, those jpn guys were totally jizzin in their pants to you, srsly)

    I really do think though, that your dad had to be, AT THE VERY LEAST, mixed something.

    Maybe he LOOKED Chinese, but could've been half, and you were the product of that xD (since some kids don't look like their parents, but maybe more like the grandparents, yknow?)

    Well, be happy either way, you're gorgeous, doll~ ♥

  4. ^Oh, what Karou said!

    I never thought of that before. Your mom might have said he was full HK blood because of his appearance, it could be he was mix but didn't look it.

  5. Aha! A breakthrough! :D

    Oh but crapppp.... I just read this:

    And askgljaklgka, nuuuuuuu~~~ TTATT
    ... you'd need a brother to find out about your father's side.
    Since you'd only be able to find out about your mother's side with a DNA test
    I'm sorry ... ;A;

  6. whoa do u speak any cantonese?

  7. I didn't know DNA tests like that even existed! Maybe as technology develops you'll one day be able to find out the DNA from your Dad's side as well :)