June 17, 2010

Fire In The Hole!!!

My wardrobe confuses me sometimes. You know those days where you just feel like there is nothing to wear? Today was that today for me. I tried to make it work by wearing something I never wear.

Not exactly the most GAL of outfits but its one of those days y'know? Changing your outfits and hating your closet and yourself for not buying better stuff.
Sorry if I rarely post outfits with shoes... I live in an asian household where we leave our shoes outside.
Sometimes I try and sneak it in though ;)
Oh and for those designer junkies out there, no its not an authentic Balenciaga, its a really good knockoff inspired version I got in HK.

I love that I have a hood, it makes doing my hair much easier.
From this mess:

I felt like hiding today.

Oh and here are me and Eden's monthlies:


I feel like it gets more creative every time LOL

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