June 6, 2010

Seifuku Day

Today I was suppose to go to Japan Day in Central Park with my nagosa, M&M. However plans fell through because people couldn't show, the weather was SO iffy and I was sick so I didn't want to go too far from my house.
I was doing my makeup as plans were falling through so I still wanted to go out and here was my makeup:
I am wearing double lashes!
Wearing: Missha BB Boomer, Skin79 Water Pearl BB Cream, Jane No Show Concealer, ELF HD Powder, Canmake Blush in PW20, ELF Eyebrow Mascara, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Wet N' Wild Pride Pallette (only the white shadow), MAC Electric Eel, MAC Aquadisiac, Decorative Eyelash (Hana's Giveaway ♥) on top, MAC #7 eyelashes on the bottom, ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink, Revlon Mineral Lip Glaze in Perennial Pink.

I actually think my makeup is kind of scary... I wish I switched the lashes (MAC #7 on top, the others on the bottom) but I'm still really happy I was able to put on bottom lashes in general! ♥
I also think double lashes look better with circle lenses because it makes the eyes so big my normal eyes just look too small for my eye sockets.
I also curled my hair because sometimes I'm just sick of it being so straight and boring!

Erin and Carol were still available so Erin met up with me first! We took pictures and helped do each others makeup :)

It was so windy today and our skirts were pretty short so at some points (like getting on the bus) some people would get a free show. Other than that the attention we got when we walked around was SO fun!!! I

We walked around Flushing and I bought those popular rubber bands that turn into cool shapes (like animals). I got FAST FOOD SHAPES!!!

And of course Erin and I took purikura while waiting for Karou:
Slutty school girls, LMAO. This was so much fun to do!

Erin said these look like the photobooth ones! It does, doesn't it?

After we met up with Karou we took MORE purikura, YAY!!!!

Erin and I saw an extremely hot korean guy waiting for the bus today. The first bus got too packed so we had to wait for the second bus and I think that same korean guy waited behind us because he was interested in us. I said a couple of words to him and I think he got really nervous.
As Erin and I left got off the bus we said bye to him.
I'm a little bit sad because I would love to keep in contact.
To be friends of course!!

Peace, lovelies! ♥

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