February 25, 2010

Getting Ready For Spring/Summer!!

One of my favorite fashion idols has been Nicole Richie. While she may not be part of the gal/gyaru scene she is (or was?) definitely looked up upon!
I think she has such a GREAT body. Healthy, tanned, and toned!
And her spring/summer wardrobe is amazing!!
These pics are pretty old though, maybe from 2004-2007?

Her wardrobe is really simple too!
All you need is:
Jean shorts
Skinny jeans
Flare jeans
Basic tanks tops
Basic T-shirts
Flip flops
Colorful/unique blouses
Printed tank tops
Flowy dresses
Oversized belts
Balenciaga bags
Lanvin flats
Oversized sunglasses
A warm glowing tan
Blonde hair

And... TADA!! Nicole Richie's look! But you might need lots of money for it...
The gyaru look can also be incorporated with her look by adding over the done hair and make-up<3
I can't wait for spring/summer!!!


  1. I personally love Nicole Richie style..<333
    shes my fashion icon too!

  2. I can't wait for spring/summer too! :D

    Most of those outfits DEFINITELY look gal ♥
    Especially with the tan xDD