February 24, 2010

Make-Over Week?

So today I met Carol in person today and she is sooo sweet!
We played Wii and ate some food and she did make-up on me! I wish I did make-up on her though!!
It's super cute with all these pretty purples!
I'm so stupid I didn't even take a picture with her! Sorry Carol... =(
But tomorrow I will do yoga with her and a friend! I'm SUPER EXCITED since I LOVE yoga and its going to be nice to stretch out my really cramped up body!

Here are pictures of the make-up she did:

And a picture of YUMMY STRAWBERRY CREAM CHEESE MINI BAGEL I had the other day with another one of my close friends:

And make-up I did on my BFFL!!!!!!!!!!

I need to do it on my other BFFL's
And I want to try man make-up too. My boyfriend better watch out MUWHAHAHA!!!


  1. Aw, it came out so pretty! You need to buy some purple shadows now, they look so great on you :D

    (Thanks again for the makeover, loved it <3~~)

  2. Yusss, can't wait for my makeover! 8D ♥

    I'm happy you liked it! ^ ^
    I loved doing it, actually, you have nice features
    (oh boy, I sound creepy...ahaha)

    But yes! purple is a good color for you~~