February 1, 2010

Walking Work-Out

One thing I've learned in Hong Kong (other than excessive shopping) is walking. While the transportation in Hong Kong is fast and everyone takes it, there is still SO much walking to do. There are malls everywhere, right next to each other and in these malls are smaller boutiques that can sell clothes, shoes, watches, cute stuff. So being Hong Kong for one month and being a foreigner I have to walk EVERYWHERE because who knows when I'll be back here. I'm also really lucky because my boyfriend knows all the good spots since he's a native.

While walking in Hong Kong I noticed my body started changing. At first I thought it was the food (which is SO good) but I realized it was walking everywhere. I NEVER felt my body like this ever. It wasn't perfect but my body was improving and getting toned. So I vowed that when I did come back to New York I would walk everywhere I could.

So I did.
I walked to my friends houses, to the train station and then take the train (Manhattan is WAY to far to walk), back home from the train, to the supermarket, practically anywhere I could and was pretty practical. Believe me, sometimes I wanted to give up and just say screw it I'm taking the bus, but I didn't I kept going and that feels REALLY GOOD. The only time I didn't walk was probably when it was FREEZING outside. I don't want to be the future ice woman.
I've been to the gym, starved myself, ran outside, and it has never given the feeling I'm feeling now, which is a toned tight body. Seriously, I remember when my ass started to feel not so toned I felt so disgusted because it was getting flabby and gross. So I worked out and it got more toned and I felt better again. My body isn't exactly where I want it to be but it's getting there (at this point I need more muscles from workouts than walking) and I'm proud of that.

I know America in some places where you need to drive and walking isn't practical. But if you have a dog walk it, park your car farther away, if you can find someone to walk with you, do it! Or it you have a Wii, get Walk it Out or My Fitness Coach (which I heard was really good)!
The whole point is to just be committed and thats where a lot of people have problems. I mean if you really want it, like REALLY REALLY WANT IT. Then you have to work to get it! The more work you put into it, the more you're going to get back.

Diet is extremely important also. But I'll make another post on that :)


  1. AHHHH! I still think it's awesome that you had a chance to go to Hong Kong!! Lucky lucky girl!!!

  2. You go girl~~
    I'm so happy for you :D By summer you'll have the bangin' body you want!