February 3, 2010


In my previous post I left off at a vital point in workout and exercise, diet.
Diet doesn't mean that you are on weight watchers, starving yourself, or on some new trend diet OK! magazine says works. Your diet is what you eat DAILY. So you could be on a McDonald's diet or a diet that is for diabetics, you could be a diet to gain weight or lose weight.

The thing about a diet its kind of limiting, sometimes for health reasons and sometimes to lose weight. In the end a diet may help you weight but if you don't change your LIFESTYLE (which is probably said a million times because its true!!) you'll just lose what you worked so hard to gain and who wants that?
This is the lifestyle I am on, for me its about portion control (portion control gives you the ability to eat anything you want, but YOU YOURSELF have to have self control) and metabolism. I was actually inspired by someone's crash diet on Xanga but decided to change it to a more healthy alternative.

Breakfast - Usually 300-400 calories
Most of the time I have a protein drink (I don't eat meat so I LOVE protein drinks!).
or two boiled eggs with toast
or small bowl of cereal
or a grilled cheese sandwich (Wheat bread with no crust and one slice of cheese)

Then 3 HOURS LATER I have a snack, not lunch but three snacks throughout the day.
So for the next three hours I have three snacks and these snacks are usually 150 calories and under,
First Hour: Apple
Second Hour: 100 Calorie Snack pack
Third Hour: A small bowl of steamed carrots

ANOTHER 3 HOURS LATER I have dinner. Dinner usually is around 350-450 calories.
Personally  I have some ginger fried rice or another grilled cheese sandwich.

So it would go like this:
8AM: Breakfast
11AM: Snack
12PM: Snack
1PM: Snack
4PM: Dinner

Since this timing is really early I'll have another snack three hours later so my metabolism doesn't diet out. So at 7PM I'll eat a snack and I'm not usually hungry after that.

I am also a boring eater and usually eat the same things everyday... but if there is a special event I do cheat a little but I do try and control myself. And if I go out to eat I just usually eat 1/4 and drink a lot of tea or water.

AND YES DRINK LOTS OF WATER TO KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED. Your entire body is made up of mostly water so keep it hydrated!!

So that's my personal diet.
But people are different and have different needs.
If you need to lose fat, you HAVE to burn more calories than you take in. You can tell you have fat if you pinch yourself and 1/4inch is soft and squishy. If its hard then its muscle!

If you are committed to a diet and exercise you are more likely to get the body you want! And commitment is where people go wrong, so keep telling yourself that its what YOU WANT and you will stop at NOTHING to get it!

And please PLEASE PLEASE DON'T STARVE YOURSELF. Believe me diet and exercise is the KEY to unlocking the body you want.


  1. Wow, lots of great tips! O:

    I wish I was so dedicated to my so-called "diet"
    ... I'm just so used to the convenience of fast food and outside food. I really need to kick that ;;

    Plus, I usually skip meals, because I'm either too busy, or not hungry.
    I usually eat two meals a day, which is bad, I know :C

    Mmm, protein shakes? I've heard of those, and wanted to try them, what kind of brand would you recommend?
    I don't really eat lots of meat to begin with, probably only chicken mostly.

    Omgg, pandaaa ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I know that feeling! I just cook really simple things like eggs or toast! It's easy and it saves me money because now I'm too broke to go out and buy food.

    I use to be the same way (eating two meals a day) but I try to make time to eat something small and your body adapts to it.

    I bought the GNC 100% Whey Protein in Strawberry, sooo yummy! I also add some honey to it sometimes because its a little thin. It looks like a strawberry milkshake so I expect to be creamier!

    Aren't they cuuuute?! I want to make it *_*