February 7, 2010

Working On Self

Trying to work on my looks at the moment.
It's kind of heart breaking when a 10 year old girl is much more fashionable than you even though she probably shouldn't be wearing heels and false lashes. But she looked better, not trashy, but pretty hot.
So I have to feel good enough to feel good about myself!
I finally got My Fitness Coach for Wii so I'm going to play 1 hour a day on it!

I also want to get some make up:
Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightener
Coastal Scents 88 Warm Shades Palette
Sally Hansen Foundation
Eye brow pencil
Sephora Bronzer

And I totally fucked up my eyebrows so I'm super obsessed with trying to make them perfect.
Also I need to get the hell off a computer... its taking over my life.
I'm also thinking if I should go a dark brown like the girl in the main image...


The next three images make me feel like I'm a lez cause the girls are sooooo hot

I wish I could find this... I'm so curious how gyaru porn is

Peaceeeeee. (not me....)


  1. Oh god, I know the feeling.

    and shit, that last girl is so damn cute.

  2. Such hot chicks *0* <3333

    Not gay, but damn... -admires anyways-

    I know what you mean about fucking up eyebrows = =;;
    My left one refuses to grow back, and it's scary.
    Never again, never letting myself do my own brows srsly xDD