June 27, 2010

Fashion Hime Friday!!!!!

OMIGOSH I was featured in Sara Mari's blog, Moments like Diamonds under her Fashion Hime Fridays where she interviews various bloggers of different styles. Jean pushed me to send in an application and yay it went through!!! Thank you so much for posting me! I represented the GAL style of course!!! Check it out by clicking here or the screenshot below!

Formspring Answers!!!!!!!

you're really pretty and tall and slim! Have you ever thought about modeling? It seems like you have the 'Japanese look' Or maybe auditioning for ANTM? xP

Thank you!! Actually I was obsessed with modeling and thought I could be a runway model... then I met some real industry models and realized I am not tall OR skinny enough. I still do photo shoots occasionally with friends :)
Japanese look? Like the half look? Yeah I get that all time! Not japanese per say but half asian :).
Actually ANTM's casting director found me and I sent in an application and it didn't work out I guess? Its okay I am terrified of Tyra Banks... she scares me.

So you speak Cantonese? :)

YES!!!! Not very well though. When I get really angry or frustrated I start spewing out bad canto.

If anyone would like to ask me any questions there is a box on the right sidebar!

I'll end this post with a picture thats really inspiring me right now.
Makes me wish I got blue circle lenses instead of grey ones!
Oh well, work with you got!!!

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