June 29, 2010


I was able to see Miyavi in concert on June 27th at Irving Plaza!!!
I was so happy because I always loved his music, its always fun, full of life, and meaningful. He has always been someone I admired because of his cockiness, narcissism, and how he never gave up on anything. 
I decided to dress up and make use of my school girl uniform!!!

Here was V's hair while waiting in line:

Eden and I waiting in line:
Yeah we are bad school girls smoking cigarettes! 


V snuck these pictures, he wasn't suppose to be taking it. They didn't allow cameras or recording unfortunately and if they found out they would kick you out. So yay, GO V!
The Miyavi show was great!!!! Miyavi is an amazing stage performer and his english is so funny. He looks so much like V it scares me and makes me happy at the same time to have my own Miyavi lolololol.
The venue was extremely hot which caused problems for a lot of people...some people got hurt and unfortunately most of the audience was from the visual-kei scene. Its unfortunate because the visual-kei scene in NYC is kind of rough and overwhelming. There were some nice people I was able to see and catch up with though!!
I was so glad!
I also got a Miyavi T-shirt that I will DIY into something more GALl ;)

Here was my hair AFTER the show LOL:

Everyone looking like shit after the show:

Playing with my new found friend, Cow Fan:

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