July 14, 2010


Hey everyone!!!
I have some bad news...
after this post I won't be doing any outfit or makeup posts soon.
I am going into surgery tomorrow so I have to take a week off from everything!
Don't worry its nothing scary, its just to fix my deviated septum :)
Which means I can finally breathe through BOTH of my nose holes!
And NO I won't be changing my nose! I had a chance to and really thought about it but
I decided I liked my nose enough not to change it. Its not perfect but its fine.
I have to save money for possible future surgeries and botox haha!!
Here is what I wore yesterday on my date out with V:

It was so rainy and humid yesterday ack...
Shirt: Club Monaco
Shorts: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Zipia (Dr. Marten knockoffs?)
Bag: Vintage Louis Vuitton


Wearing GEO Nudy grey circls lens!!!

Since I won't be posting pictures of my outfits/life/blablablab
I will dedicate this week to spams starting Friday or maybe tomorrow if I am okay after surgery!
Wish me luck babes!

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