July 16, 2010

Make-Up SPAM

Here is the start of my spam week! Make-Up!!!
I am in love with chinese gyaru's! They are so gorgeous :)
Always loving Sakurina's makeup and eyelashes! I am running out soon... so I gotta stock up!
Makeup I am currently craving:
Candydoll blush in Carrot Orange
M.A.C. Freckletone lipstick
Those popular 120 palette eyeshadows.
They come useful when you get so bored with colors easily!

I give those who go through it so many times lots of balls man...
Its just such an inconvenience with all the healing. Staying in bed, taking medication, etc.
It makes me reconsider any future surgeries I might want and just be happy with myself, who I am, and how I was naturally made... 
Instead just work out and be healthy and happy!
Thats my advice to anyone who might consider surgery. Of course if in the end it makes you TRULY happy then go for it ;)

More spam tomorrow!

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