April 18, 2011


While I can't say this for every western gal, I finally understand why they look the way they do in pictures: awkward, strange, make-up kinda right but not really suited for them.
Honestly I put my circle lenses AFTER I do my makeup. But now I realize if you decided to fucking get the 15.8mm or higher, you should put in your circle lenses BEFORE. Only because I really feel like it changes the entire look, I mean for shits sake its your EYES. Its the second most important thing in make-up/looking pretty (first thing by the way is foundation, can't look pretty without a nice canvas, yes? YES.)

So being the fucking genius, I was obsessed with getting the 17mm circle lenses and proceeded to go to Chinatown with my co-worker to buy them. They biggest they stocked were 16mm and I bought them in brown because I really wanted brown lenses and they are the Barbie Super Nudy Phantom Circle Lens.

So I'm pretty much thinking to my fucking self SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!! BIG EYES 8D
So this morning I put them in and I'm like HOLY SHIT I LOOK LIKE AN ALIEN, A SEXY ALIEN AND I'M JUST LIKE SINGING E.T., KISS ME K-K-KISS ME~*~*~*~
Then I took PICTURES:
Can you the see all kinds of wrong in these pictures?

See the picture above I'm like, not smiling, looking like deer in head lights, and my makeup isn't so good (pardon me I'm going to work where I am encased in a floor of 16 teppanyaki grills and just don't really feel like looking so awesome). 
1.) Pose
Pose is important so like yeah, the picture above DOES NOT work. It's like look this is me and I'm really boring! So here are a few examples:

Different expression!

Smiling 8D, This photo still seems creepy....

MMmmMm I'm trancing you with my eyes~*~*

The cool half my face mysterious photo~

God, you are not a cute anime school girl/Puss in Boots (unless, well, thats what you're going for). You are this hot bitch with big ass eyes so exude confidence.

2.) Make-up
OMFG. This is only second because I feel like if you pose right, you might be able to pull off bad make-up and giant circle lenses. Holy shit, okay I am not saying my make-up is good, in fact I think its absolute crap. However if you decide to purchase giant ass circle lenses, be prepared to take the time to do make-up as if you have giant fucking eyes.

Something more "natural", you know are these just GEO super nudies? I googled 18mm and this came up.

Keep in mind eye shapes are also important and omg add lashes like there is no tomorrow. That is probably the common thing with all three pictures: long eyelashes and eyeliner.

In the end.. I think I will stickw ith my GEO Super Nudy lenses, I love the halo effect and they just look hot!!!

GEO Super Nudy in Grey

GEO Super Nudy in Golden Blue

In the end its your choice to get bigger lenses. Not every western gal looks bad with humongeous circle lenses. It's really the look you are going for. However if you're just starting out with circle lenses, try something more simple before getting into giant ass lenses. I am so glad I did because I picked up on the difference. I just always wonder how asian girls with small eyes wear these, don't they look fucking scary?