May 5, 2011

Review: Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

"Lioele Water Drop Blemish Balm Cream (SPF27/PA++) (50ml) - It is an exclusive moisturizing BB cream which makes your skin moist since it contains waterdrop. - It naturally covers the skin blemishes to create clean skin tone and keeps the skin soft for a long time without glossiness. Please noted: The date at the bottom of the product which is the manufacture date, and the expiration date which is 3 years from the manufacture date."

So I bought this BB Cream because it is targeted toward those with DRY SKIN.
And I'm just like, "WHOA THATS ME!!!!"
So I bought it for like 25$ on ebay.
This BB cream is quite unique because when you blend it into your skin, it creates these water droplets, hence the name. But honestly, this is by far the WORSE BB CREAM OR FOUNDATION for my skin EVER. I am so sad I lost my 25$ that could of gone to more useful products...

This barely has any coverage at all. And I don't really see those water droplets because you seriously have to TAKE THE TIME to blend it in your skin.
I live in New York City, there is no time to take 15 minutes on your face BLENDING in your foundation to see water droplets.
My redness was gone though but all my little acne scars just look more pronounced because the rest of my skin looked decent.


OMFG, this is supposedly for DRY skin right? This ACCENTUATED my dry skin. My skin even got flaky from this product. I have dry skin, but its not so extreme that I am flaking until I used this shitty BB cream. SERIOUSLY? HOW CAN THIS BE FOR ANY SKIN? Even my coworkers though I went drinking the night before which equals to no sleep and smoking which equals to skin being not so nice.

This sucks.

If I had recommend a BB cream, Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in 23 always worked well for me. However, I am a sucker for new products and pretty packaging, so I will continue to buy and review.

Thanks for reading <3