May 1, 2011

Gal Meet/Cherry Blossom Festival NYC!

Kudos to the girl on the bottom left who was a member of Team Rocket and walked around with a broken leg :]

Oh man... you know I never really saw Cherry Blossoms or realized how they really looked like (cuz there are some growing by my house and I'm just GOD DAMN these are some nice ass trees) until I came to the festival. And to see a forest full of them is really breathtaking. Not mention the petals that are flying around while you're drinking a beer just feels really beautiful!

 Loooooooooots of people were hanging around, cosplayers, lolitas, and kids in the 8th grade who will draw you for 25 cents, woohoo!

It was also a meet up for NYC Gals! I went together with Hachi, Eden, Erin, and Hachi's friends Jane and Brittany! I don't think we got to meet a lot of NYC gals because we were kinda late... but we still met up with a number of GALs and we talked, picnic-ed and they took pics while I went to go buy a parasol~ (If I didn't get a parasol so help me, the shit I would of done.......... in my imagination.)

lolz lots of food for a picnic, huh?

We then went back to Flushing and took some purikura

After that we were suppose to go to a bar and just have fun but HOLY SHIT, EVERYONE WAS SO DAMN HUNGRY we just ended up going a ramen place and getting some beers and wine. I also had some hot sake. YUMMmmmmm

peaceeee ~