August 29, 2011

Growing up, Style Inspiration Spam

So for the past months I've been hiding, actually I am still hiding lol.
I've been trying to find myself and find out who I am rather than what I want to be.
I kinda grew up and out of some GAL styles including D.I.A.
D.I.A. will always have a place in my heart though because its so cool and sexy, but its not me, you know?

So here is a pile of inspiration and its time for me to 'graduate' into a more oneegyaru style.
Honestly I just want to look hot and effortless. AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH?
My bank account says yes...

 Super sexy and casual for summer + love the idea of pink heels

 Fuzzy Boots... Must have!

 Black boots, totally need a pair.

 Short black skirt <3

 Perfect casual day outfit

 You know I just love the bag LOL... nude with gold hardware can go from casual to more sophisticated.

 Leather jacket.. brown, sheer tights, short shorts, and black boots. Hot hot hot. Easy and casual.

Wool coat + Uggs (I don't care they are fucking amazingly comfortable and easy. Personally, I think they *CAN* look good if paired right)

 This will always be my favorite. Loose, effortless, comfortable, fashionable.

 Casual and simple.

 Its SO easy, simple, and sexy. Just need fuzzy leg warmers.

 Black wool coat + hobo bag + simple outfit = fashionably cozy

 Sexy knitted sweater + heels

 LV Damier Ebene bag + wool coat + ripped up jeans + fuzzy boots = Sexy, fashionably, cool.

 Damn I love pencil skirts.

 Red wool jacket, statement piece

 Sweet black dress and nude heels <3

 I'd change this coordinate around a little but still... Badass, BAD ASS

Sexy black dress
I love black.
I think as you get older, solid colors and interesting cuts appeal to you more.
Name brands become kind of dominant (with handbags especially LOL) due to quality and idea.
Style points (bright handbag, fuzzy legwarmers, fuzzy boots, etc.) stand out more against a simple outfit.
Time for more important things (life, work, etc.) is more focused rather than buying the newest things. So quality, simplicity, and the idea to buy things that GO with your wardrobe rather than constantly going out and buying a new one.
And you look sophisticated, sexy, and hot.
I don't mind~