November 17, 2010

October Post in November!!

Oh geez, I didn't update all of October! But during that time was Eden's Bday + Halloween!

Even though this post is totally late <3

And then Halloween I went to a scary haunted mountain also known as the Headless Horseman.
No pictures were allowed so I just have picture of my makeup!!!
I finally did a dramatic INTENSE eye with circle lenses, YAY!!!
These are GEO Super Nudy Grey

I feel so terrible for my lack of updates. I guess since the cold weather is now here in NYC, its a bit depressing. But then I get a hot chocolate and realize winter is not as bad as it should be!!!
And work has been taking over my life. So updating has been hard.
So I realize I really want to find a job I will love.
I think I have found one but I need to really take my time to learn everything before I get involved!
I am so excited :)~

And shit. I bought so much make-up...
Lets just say I love Revlon Colorstay foundation and Milani Pressed Powder!!

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